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About us

Our Mission
to be the best platform to both advertise and earn.

What we are?

Our platform offers great opportunities to attract advertisers and businnesses owners to get a hight quality traffic. our platform is designed to eliminate the use of bots and automated scripts,But let's be honest, people mostly come to earn money online!

We are a Paid-To-Click platform where members get paid for viewing ads for a few seconds.

How It Works

We Reward our users with Bonus Ad Points for viewing ads for a few seconds, We reward our advertisers with Bonus Ad Points also so they they can both convert them into earnings or purchase banner ads.

By holding BAP, tou will be able to reach higher groups and start receiving bigger ads with bigger value.

Our platform is based on real projects, we are selling Traffic and advertising services, we are also making and selling android games, so those two projects are generating enough to cover our new third project which is pitverts.

Our Goal is to be one of the best platforms by offering the best services with the best price.

What is BAP?

Bonus Ad Points will determine your rank among other members and will be crucial to define your daily earnings. We distribute free 150 BAP everyday in form of Bonus Ads

To prove your value additionally and be paired up with higher earning users even faster, you can buy very effective advertising that will boost you up!

Affiliate system

You can earn money by referring other members to join Pitverts as it will allow you to earn 19% from all advertising they buy and 7% of every Paid Ad they view. And last but not least.

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